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October 24, 2017
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At Tiny Eco Homes UK we do things a little differently. The market for eco-friendly mobile homes is booming. There hasn’t been such a surge in the mobile home market since the early 2000’s, and it’s likely that it is these eco-friendly dwellings that are helping that swing.

No one can get away with thinking there isn’t a housing crisis in the UK. The media is constantly reminding us. We only need to drive within 5 minutes of our own front door to see new developments. The government has stated we need to be creating 250,000 new homes a year to handle the crisis. In reality, we’re managing around 140,000 per annum, which is woefully short of the figure needed. However, scratch beneath the surface and the homes which are built are often not up to standard with more than half of new builds having major faults.

The reality is they are being rushed.

The government is now turning to mobile homes as a solution to the housing crisis. We believe this makes sense….with some careful caveats: these homes must be created to a standard which exceeds that of previous builds, and they should have minimal impact on the environment.

How Mobile Homes Can Help the Housing Crisis

Mobile homes are relatively quick to build. We’re an exclusive designer and builder of mobile homes, producing a select number each year. However, you can have a completely furnished and completed mobile home, created to an immensely high standard and guaranteed as such, within just 3-6 weeks of ordering.  Traditional housing stock simply cannot compete with that.

Additionally, even though our eco tiny homes are both top-of-the-range and luxurious, they cost considerably less than your average house to build, buy, furnish, maintain and run. Again, traditional housing stock simply cannot compete. In fact, notably less than 50% of housing stock in the UK achieves an Energy Efficiency Rating of A-C. In 2017, that’s pretty poor. Again, it appears that traditional housing cannot compete with materials such as our thermally-treated timber. Add in that our timber comes from well-managed and sustainable forests and uses no chemicals in its processing, and the environment benefits again.

Then there’s the cost of new housing. Despite political efforts to help first time buyers, the reality is that for the current generations reaching adulthood, home ownership is an elusive dream. Mobile homes are a game-changer here, costing a fraction of a new build.

Therefore, it’s easy to think we can simply bash out a multitude of mobile homes and the problem is solved. However, we don’t believe you should be compromising time, eco-friendly credentials, or cost, in your pursuit of a luxury and exclusive home.

Tiny Eco Homes UK – The Most Exclusive Small Mobile Homes in the UK

We believe you can have an exclusive, high-quality home created in just 3-6 weeks, one that’s eco-friendly, and doesn’t hit the pocket too hard. We believe it because it’s what we do. We create beautiful, bespoke, small mobile homes which are the height of exclusivity – no two are the same, except for their high standard.

With a Tiny Eco Home you are choosing exclusivity. We work with you to create a design that is truly individual, yet still fits on a road-legal trailer. Each home is lovingly crafted by hand – even our flat pack options, available in just a fortnight, have been put together with utmost care. The provenance of each of our materials is carefully researched, and we source materials that tick the boxes for longevity, eco-friendliness, legal requirements, and their cost.

We don’t churn out generic log cabins which do a season. We create homes that last a lifetime or more (our thermally treated wood has a 60 year service life, there’s no rotten wood here!). They are a genuine, yet exclusive, housing solution.

To see for yourself our exclusive small mobile homes, browse our gallery, or get in touch on 01434 673 798 or 07833 045540.

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