The Rise in the Popularity of Eco-Mobile Homes

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October 24, 2017
Eco Mobile Homes

A staggering 40% of emissions in the UK come from households. We might think the big baddies of our carbon footprint are the car we use or even the flights we take, yet in reality, the roof over our heads is a major contributing factor.

We also see two extremely socially conscious generations come of age: the Millennials and Generation Z. These two generations are seeking to do things differently, be socially and environmentally responsible, and taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Add in that these same two generations are the ones facing prohibitively high housing costs on a backdrop of student debt, and you can start to see why there is such a monumental growth in the popularity of eco-mobile homes.

Homes, Construction and Energy

As a nation, we’ve actually been taking some great steps over the last three decades to improve the energy efficiency of how we live. Homes for sale now have to declare their energy efficiency to prospective buyers, and new construction has stringent requirements. However, is it really enough? Are these actions merely lip-service to a problem which requires a radical change in how we think about living?

In the mass housing construction, the country is seeing to meet the housing crisis, we often forget about the impact of construction itself on the environment. Construction in the UK created 55,000 tons of waste in 2014, and that amount is rising.

Eco-mobile homes, on the other hand, have very minimal impact on the environment around them. Materials are sustainably sourced, and they are designed to minimise their carbon footprint both in construction and use. They are therefore becoming a popular choice for those who take energy efficiency seriously.

Costs of Housing

On average, a first-time buyer will need to spend an eye-watering £207,693. £33,000 of that is a deposit alone. Given that the average student debt looks set to rise to around £50k whilst their average starting salary is £19-22k, you can also see that Millennials and Generation Z are understandably looking for alternative housing options.

Eco-mobile homes can be moved. They aren’t designed to be moved regularly like your holiday caravan, but they can be towed into position and moved occasionally. This means that they make ideal student ‘digs’ and then a first home, still with independence, even if they are in Mum and Dad’s garden. Similarly, with costs of a fully kitted out eco-mobile home starting £14,000,  they are cheaper than a house deposit alone.

The cost of housing is also a problem for the parents of the nation’s current young adults for the same reasons. There is a gradual upward trend in the age that young people leave home. Helping young people to fly the nest is harder for this generation of parents. However, there are obvious issues to sharing a household with young adults ready for their independence. Eco-mobile homes create a solution.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness

In the digitally-connected age, people know and understand more about the impact they have on the world around them. Whereas once ignorance was bliss, the younger generations have grown up in a world where they are acutely aware of their impact, and that of older generations, on the world they live in. They don’t want to turn a blind eye. Instead, they want to be the generations that make changes for the better.

This generational mindset and attitude drive the eco-mobile home movement, and thus popularity is ever increasing. Eco-friendly construction is the most important trend in construction and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

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