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Ok, so we know a thing or two about small bedrooms. We’re pros at creating a tiny, beautiful space which is also comfortable. Whilst many of our tiny room ideas are incorporated in to the overall build of tiny houses on wheels, they often relate to other living areas such as the kitchen, lounge, or bathroom. The bedroom can be an overlooked space in any home, but we have 10 tiny bedroom ideas that will blow your mind and ensure your bedroom is the haven you need it to be.

  1. Think Lighting

Our number one tiny bedroom idea actually involves an optical illusion with a clever use of light. You need light, and you need lots of it in order to maximise the look of a space. For this reason our ‘loft’ bedrooms do have a window allowing for natural light, as well as a small alcove which increases your sense of space. However, beyond this you also want to get clever with your electrical lighting. Instead of having free-standing or hanging ceiling lights your solution is to ensure lights are inset, or recessed. Powerful LED spot lights needn’t dazzle, but are ideal for lifting the space and ensuring it looks bigger than it is.

  1. Crafty Shelving

There are two little tiny room ideas which can be adapted for a tiny bedroom, both concerning shelving. The first is to use fold-down shelving (much like our breakfast bars). This means the shelf need only come down once you’re in bed and not get in your way in the meantime. The second is to suspend a small circular shelf on rope or chain from the ceiling to the side of the bed. Without legs the shelf doesn’t compromise any floor space, yet still gives you the versatile space you need.

  1. Basket Your Life

The flow of living in a tiny eco home is how it works. You need to think about how you move from one aspect of one daily life to the next. You don’t want to be snug in bed in your loft space before realising your feet are cold and you need socks. Therefore, baskets, as opposed to drawers, make perfect storage and living solutions. By having your bedroom belongings in a basket you can easily move it from point A to point B without compromising space permanently.

  1. Fold it Up

If you can, and if it’s not needed all the time, fold it up. This is why we suggest sofa beds in the lounge area, a folding breakfast bar for dining, and a folding ladder leading to your bedroom. When you’re dealing with a small space you need to only have things permanently in position which need to be. A ladder to your loft space can therefore fold up and out of the way when not in use.

  1. Get Creative With Mirrors

Call it another optical illusion if you like, but by using multiple mirrors you can enhance the light and definitely make a space look bigger. We love the idea of mirrors in varying frames upcycled from old pictures mounted on the wall behind the bed.

  1. Go Paper Free

You’ve heard of the paperless office, well we vote for the paperless bedroom. Not only is it greener, it ensures your bedroom isn’t cluttered with books and magazines. We’re not suggesting you stop your love of bedtime reading, in fact our loft bedrooms are just begging for you to curl up with a good read, but instead of the paper version get an e-reader.

  1. Go Under Not Over

Typically in bedrooms we go ‘up’. Wardrobes go up. Bedside cabinets go up. Hooks go up. Instead, make careful use of the space under the largest user of space – the bed. Our tiny eco mobile home bedrooms fit a king size bed. Yes, really. So have it raised slightly on a customised base and you’ve suddenly created a whole heap of storage space.

  1. Be Colourful

There are two options when it comes to using colour effectively in a small bedroom. The first is to go light and minimalist. By only using light colours you use the same tricks we see when you get the lighting right. It creates a sense of space. However, don’t be afraid of a splash of colour either. By using colour to create a focal point or two you can draw the eye where you want it to go, for example the bedspread or the wall behind the bed.

  1. Hold Things Together With Magnets

A great space saving tiny bedroom idea is to use a magnetic notice board, or magnetic paint, and then keep your odds and sods in small tins with magnetic strips on the back. In this way you can keep contact lenses, hair bands, jewellery or other bits and pieces close to hand without getting lost or creating clutter. What’s more, they look great and can fit your theming – from retro, to vintage to urban chic.

  1. Put Heads Together

Our final tiny bedroom idea is to create extra storage space and a shelf by using a slim purpose-built headboard behind the bed. Here you can store anything you don’t need often from Christmas decorations to fishing gear. Then you have a small shelf perfectly within reach for whenever you need it.

A tiny bedroom shouldn’t mean you can’t live comfortably with everything you need to hand, and every creature comfort you need for a perfect night of slumber. With a little planning you can create a space that is functional, beautiful, and wows those who have the chance to look.

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