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November 22, 2017
Eco Living In a Tiny House

When it’s time to pack up the bags and fly the nest, this frequently coincides with heading off to university. In fact, there are an eye-watering 2.25 million students studying at higher education institutions in the UK.

For many, this represents their first time living away from home. We’re getting all too used to hearing about the debt these students are getting in to as a result of tuition fees, but what about their accommodation fees. Is it possible to have a small house for students which represents worthwhile cheaper student housing?

Accommodation Options Open to Students

Typically, students at university in the UK have one of four different accommodation solutions: halls of residence (or university housing); private sector renting; shared student housing; or living at home. Cheaper student housing is often a chased and elusive dream, or comes at a high cost in terms of standards.

Given the relatively short-term nature of degree courses, combined with the fact that students are obviously limited in their current earning potential, owning their own home is very unusual.

The standard of accommodation also varies enormously. Whilst students can generally expect a certain standard of accommodation in university halls, thanks to various codes of practice, students often take more potluck when it comes to private renting.

The costs associated with these different types of accommodation also varies greatly.

Average Cost of University Accommodation

The costs of living at different universities, and in different accommodations, varies enormously. This is a fantastic table for comparing annual costs in university halls and private renting at every university in the country. Bear in mind this is rent alone. You’ll notice that rarely do annual costs drop below £6000, and it’s not unusual for them to be in the region of £9000 to £12000.

We can look at this in a little more detail. For example, the average cost of living for a student in the UK is said to average £12,000 per annum. In reality, university accommodation fees vary so much from place to place that you really need to look at the individual data. For example, in Manchester you’ll be looking at around £9,255 per academic year. In Birmingham it may be as much as £8316 in self-catered halls. In Edinburgh the figures given range from £7,860 to £16,080.

However, wherever you go, your accommodation costs are no small fry.

Renting is Money Down the Drain

Then there’s that old adage that renting is really money thrown away, down the drain – or, more accurately, into a landlord’s pocket. You don’t really have anything to show for it at the end of the day. It isn’t an investment. It simply costs.

Is there a better solution? Is there such a thing as cheaper student housing without compromising on a decent standard of living?

At Tiny Eco Homes UK, we know there is.

The Alternative Small House for Students

You need to think outside the box and solve an age-old problem with a modern solution. Rather than accepting that you’re going to have to rent because you’re unlikely to be in that particular city for long, or you don’t know who you want to live with, or where you want to live – you can own your home, and let it move with you.

Our tiny houses on wheels are ideal student digs, and offer a genuine cheaper student housing solution. Fully built and fitted out homes start from just £14,000. Not only – with some swift maths using the data above – do you realise you’ll be making a saving at some point in your second year, you can bet the standard of living is higher than your average student ‘digs’.

By being road-legal and mobile they can be the first accommodation after flying the nest, but also stand the test of time until you settle. Made from thermally treated wood you can, with the right care, expect your home to last up to 60 years! That’s well beyond the length of time it should take you to graduate!

Tiny eco homes really do offer a sensible affordable small house for students. Why not think outside the box for your son or daughter, or show your parents this post. Call us today on 01434 673 798 or 07833 045540, or email on tinyecohomes@gmail.com and see how you can get cheaper student housing.

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