Buying Advice For Tiny Homes

Buying a tiny house can seem daunting not knowing what to lookout for or knowing the rules and regulations on build quality and specifications on the construction of a tiny house

5 simple things to look out for and consider before investing in a road legal Tiny house

The trailer;
It is the most important part in the construction of a tiny house. It’s vital that it’s been built on a type approved chassis and comes with type approval certificates.
Stay clear of tiny homes that have been built on a second hand trailer, if a tiny home manufacturer has built a tiny house on a second hand trailer that was not built for the job it’s a clear sign corners have been cut throughout the build.

Electrics and gas;
Any electrics fitted have to meet strict building codes, make sure the home comes with an electric safety certificate.
Even if the home is just fitted with low voltage DC lighting that’s powered from a 12v battery it must have been fitted to regulations and come with the correct test certificates.
Any gas equipment and appliances must be installed by a gas safe engineer. With a tiny house being such a small space it is vital that adequate ventilation has been fitted. Make sure your tiny home comes with all the tests and certificates.

Building regulations and specifications;
There are two main types of building codes and regulations road legal Tiny homes are built to meet: holiday home and residential home specifications. It is important that your home is built to meet or exceed the building regulations depending on the means of use for the home.

Choosing a tiny house manufacturer;
Buying a tiny house is a big investment, don’t choose someone just because they are on your door step or they are the cheapest you can find. Take time to go and visit the manufactures show home to get to see the build quality and specifications of there homes as there is a vast difference in the quality of homes available. If your going for a bespoke build, ensure you feel comfortable that your chosen manufacturer is capable and has all the skills needed to bring your dream tiny home to life. Never pay in full up front, a deposit is all you should have to pay to get your home built until you are happy with the finished result.

Build quaily;
When vewing a tiny home don’t be afraid to have a good look around to see the construction of the home. Push hard on the exterior walls to shake the house, there shouldn’t be any movement or flex in the overall construction. Make sure everything is secure internally and nothing is loose on the exterior that may cause problems when traveling at speed. Find out about the materials used in the construction and find about the longevity and warranty.