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2016-2017 Trade Price List and Specifications

As there are unlimited designs and options when building a tiny house all prices listed are just a guide. We will work closely with you to design a tiny house which will best suit your needs before giving you a quote.

The average size of a road legal tiny house is 18ft in length and costs from £24,000, fully fitted and ready to use.

The largest tiny homes that we build (which are still road legal) are 23ft in length and can accommodate up to 4 bedrooms. Prices start from £30,000 for a fully fitted 23ft home.

What's included in the price of our fitted tiny homes:

  • Our unique high-quality 25mm thermally treated timber with a lifetime warranty against rot.  (Fitted with seamless secret fixings where possible)
  • High-density foam wall and roof insulation
  • White PVC double glazed windows (choice of colours available)
  • Oak double glazed exterior door
  • White panel bathroom door
  • Kitchen includes: 100 base unit with 2 cupboards, oven unit with electric oven, stainless steel sink and mixer tap, 2 burner electric hob, solid oak worktop & fridge freezer
  • Pine cladded ceilings
  • Fully fitted bathroom including steam spa shower with bath, sink and vanity unit, electric flushing toilet & bathroom wall mounted cabinet
  • Loft area which will fit a King size bed
  • LED spotlights throughout
  • Mains sockets and mains electricity hook up point/ water hook-up point
  • Tile effect PCV coated roofing sheets choice of (red green brown black)
  • LPG gas boiler for instant hot and cold water
  • 2 seater sofa bed
  • Fold out oak table with 2 stools
  • Storage shelving
  • Vinyl flooring or carpet flooring
  • Smoke and monoxide detectors
  • Fully decorated and ready to use
  • Wooden loft ladder
  • LCD battery monitor
  • Electric safety certificates
  • LPG gas safety test if fitted
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Service compartment for LPG and battery storage
  • Galvanised type approved chassis

Price for shell only with floor fitted, roof and walls

14ft x 8ft£9,9951300kg approximate weight 
16ft x 8ft£10,4501550kg approximate weight 
18ft x 8ft£12,6951800kg approximate weight 
20ft x 8ft£14,9952000kg approximate weight 
22ft x 8ft£16,6952350kg approximate weight 

Flat pack kits and shell only builds are the most popular form of homes we supply. With the fully built shell we do all the technical work making sure you have a structurally sound home, leaving you the job to fit out and create your dream tiny home interior.

What's included with a tiny home shell?
Fully built exterior home with roof, windows and door fitted.
Internal cladding, rooms, electrics, plumbing and insulation is not included.

Flat pack starter kits for self-builders

Kit includes fully built galvanised trailer chassis with floor fitted. Our unique thermally treated 25mm exterior cladding, roofing sheets, timber for stud work, internal cladding, floorboards for loft, hardwood ply for lining the walls, roof flashing, secret screws for cladding, waterproof membrane, 3x CE approved PVC double glazed windows, Oak door with double glazed windows.

Our kits are supplied with the highest quality materials available. Everything is included to build a complete home, all you need to add is the kitchen and bathroom.  Custom kits are available to suit bespoke designs, please let us know your requirements.

12ft x 8ft£5,995  
14ft x 8ft£6,700  
16ft x 8ft£9,950  
18ft x 8ft£9,795  
20ft x 8ft£10,195  
22ft x 8ft£10,995  

Galvanised twin axle trailer chassis 

Custom built twin axle chassis ready to complete your own tiny home.

As well as our standard sized trailers we can custom build trailers to any size. (Legal towing dimentions 255cm wide x 7m length plus a frame 3500 kg gross weight)

All trailers come with type approval documents which you will need to get your tiny home through an IVA test.

Standard trailers have a 3000kg gross weight. We can also supply trailers with a gross weight of 3500kg. Tri axle trailers are available and are recommended for tiny homes of 20ft and over if they are going to be used on the road a lot.

12ft x 6.6ft£244012ft x 8ft£2600
14ft x 6.6ft£290014ft x 8ft£3160
16ft x 6.6ft£300016ft x 8ft£3280
18ft x 6.6ft£317018ft x 8ft£3390
20ft x 6.6ft£339020ft x 8ft£3400
22ft x 6.6ft£356022ft x 8ft£3890

Prices are exclusive of VAT

Our Build Quality & Specifications   

At Tiny Eco Homes UK we source and use the highest quality materials available to ensure a trouble free build that requires little yearly maintenance.

All standard size homes come with a lifetime warranty.

Tiny homes can be built to meet or exceed building codes b.s.3632 and b.s.1647.

External cladding
One of the most important parts of the tiny home is the external cladding. We use a 25mm thick cladding that has been through a heat treating process. It's a Scandinavian redwood which then goes through a heat treating process which changes the properties of wood making it the ideal cladding for tiny home construction.
Benefits of our heat treated cladding; 100% resistant to rot without the need to treat it with chemicals, resistant to expansion and contraction when exposed to moisture and heat, 40% reduced weight, better thermal insulation properties, 60 year service life untreated.
Please read our FAQ page for the full benefits of thermally treated wood.

External wall and ceilings are sprayed with an open cell high density foam insulation. This ensures the home is air tight and fully insulated to the highest standards.
The spray foam is made from natural corn starch and is fully permi allowing damp and moisture to pass out of the home without any issues of damp build up.
Standard floor insulation is made up of a foil backed kingspan 50mm insulation board.

Fully fitted standard homes come wired with 12v lighting and 240v mains sockets throughout the home.
Lighting runs off a 12v deep cycle battery which is fitted into the home, this can be manually charged or charged automatically when hooked up to a car.
Mains electric is provided through a standard 16amp caravan hook up point.
Solar, wind, and off grid systems can be installed providing mains power through an inverter and battery bank. We can calculate what size of system you will need to suit your needs.
All new tiny homes come with an electric safety certificate.

Water and boiler
Hot and cold running water is provided as standard using a hosepipe hook up point, this feeds the boiler direct, for instant hot and cold water at the turn of a tap.
For mobile or off grid homes we can supply an inbuilt water storage tank which feeds a 12v high pressure pump for instant hot and cold running water.

PVC cladding is used on the internal walls and ceilings.
As standard you can choose from a choice of 3 toilet options: Electric flushing cassette toilet, composting toilet or a standard toilet which would need to be plumbed into a soil pipe on a static location.
Shower cubicle fitted to standard homes has built in lighting, radio, phone, spa steam function, rain shower, flexible shower head, foot massage and body jets.
Sink with vanity unit.

LPG storage and gas equipment
LPG storage is provided in the service compartment at the front of the trailer, on standard homes this feeds the LPG boiler.
Standard homes come with electric heating and cooking, LPG cooking and fires can be installed as an upgrade.
All new tiny homes come with a gas safety certificate.

Trailer and chassis
The most important feature of all mobile tiny homes is the trailer chassis.
All homes come built on a top of the range BPW German made galvanised twin axle trailer with a gross weight of 3000kg.
Trailers can be upgraded to a triple axle trailer with a gross weight of 3500kg. (We always recommend this option if your home is going to be towed from site to site on the road due to the extra stability and payload capacity).
Homes are built on a steel sub frame which is attached to the trailer.

Windows and doors
Standard homes come fully fitted with double glazed toughened safety glass throughout which is a legal requirement when used on the road.
Standard homes are fitted with an oak external door with double glazing as standard.

We use 2 different types of roofing as standard.
- Type 1 Tile effect galvanised roofing sheets with a pvc coating (choice of black, green, red or brown)
- Type 2 gpr fiberglass grey roofing system
Both roofing types have a minimum 30 years guaranteed service.

Yearly maintenance
Due to the high quality products used and construction of our homes very little maintenance is needed for the up keep of your home.
Treating or painting your tiny home is not needed when new due to the type of cladding we use.
If you have chosen to treat or paint your home we recommend repainting the external cladding every 4 years to keep your home looking new.
Trailer brakes will need to be checked once a year to make sure they are in working order. Adjustment should not be needed as auto adjusting brakes are fitted as standard.
Trailer hitch will require greasing.
Gas safety checks should be carried out annually.

Finance Provided For Your Tiny Home