Tiny House Trailers

The most crucial part of a road legal Tiny house is the trailer.

A few common mistakes people make when buying a tiny house trailer is using an old caravan chassis or a flat bed trailer.

A caravan chassis is not up to the job of supporting a wooden structure, as the original caravan would have been designed as a structural part of the chassis. They also don’t tend to come with a very high gross weight limit.

Most flat bed trailers are not suitable for tiny homes as they tend to have a higher bed height and are fitted with leaf springs. Any trailer fitted with leaf springs can be very unstable after a tiny house has been constructed on it especially in corners and at speed, this is due to the amount of travel the suspension has, this will be very dangerous at motorway speeds and has a high risk of tipping over in corners.

Never buy a tiny home that has been built on a second hand trailer or on a chassis with leaf springs if you intend to tow it on the public highway.

When buying a tiny house it should come with a type approved chassis with a certificate. If your home is not built on the correct type of trailer you may have difficulty insuring your tiny house when traveling on the road.

When viewing a tiny house don’t be afraid to get underneath to see the trailer construction and ask to see the approval certificates.

New Type Approved Tiny House Trailers

tiny green house on wheels

We have designed a fully galvanised chassis capable of carrying a gross weight of 3500kg.

The chassis has been specially designed just for the construction of tiny homes. They are 2.44m wide meaning by the time the tiny house is built with external cladding and over hang for the roof it takes you up to the max legal trailer width of 2.55m making the most out of all the available space you can have.

They have a rigid bed meaning that they don’t flex and have a 3″ beam which runs the perimeter of the trailer making it easy and structurally sound to bolt a tiny house onto without any need for further reinforcements.

Wheel base is 2.5m wide which gives them a lower centre of gravity.

Our road legal trailer chassis comes with a type approved EU certificate of conformity which means they can be used in the UK and Europe.

Tri axle trailers are recommended for any trailer size over 22ft in length due to the extra stability needed to build a tiny house with a loft.

Type Length
(inc. A Frame)
(area of trailer to be built on)
Height Load Gross Weight Limit Price
P TH540 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 710 542X244 55 2960kg 3500kg £4,552.75
Q TH600 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 770 602X244 55 2930kg 3500kg £4,615.10
R TH660 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 830 662X244 55 2900kg 3500kg £4,727.45
S TH720 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 890 720X244 55 2880kg 3500kg £4,839.80
T TH780 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 950 780X244 55 2860kg 3500kg £4,964.50
U TH840 PLATEAU 3500 KG 2 X AS 1800 KG 1010 840X244 55 2840kg 3500kg £5,201.55
V TH720 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG 890 720X244 55 2840kg 3500kg £5,176.85
W TH780 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG 950 780X244 55 2820kg 3500kg £5,341.55
X TH840 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1350 KG 1010 840X244 55 2790kg 3500kg £5,600.95
Y TH720 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG 890 720X244 55 2740kg 3500kg £5,838.00
Z TH780 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG 950 780X244 55 2720kg 3500kg £6,112.70
ZZ TH840 PLATEAU 3500 KG 3 X AS 1800 KG 1010 840X244 55 2690kg 3500kg £6,349.75

All trailers come pre wired with lights fitted and removable tail board.

Trailer weight for a 600 x 244cm trailer is only 570kg which gives it almost a 3 tonne payload to play with.

As well as our standard range of tiny house trailers we can custom build type approved chassis to any size.

In stock! With the tiny house boom well under way in the UK we now keep most size tiny home chassis in stock.

Out of stock trailers and custom built trailers have a lead time of 4 weeks.

Trade discount is available for multiple orders.

Rolling static home chassis

As well as manufacturing road legal type approved tiny home trailer chassis we manufacturer larger trailers designed to be used for static homes.

Our chassis comes with a single axle as standard with a gross weight of 5500kg.

Upgraded Double Axel trailers have a gross weight of up to 16000kg which will support the weight of a timber structure with ease.

Our static tiny home chassis are custom built to suit your type of building meaning we can fit extra structural supports for certain areas of the build if needed once we see your plans.

Guide prices for a single axle galvanised chassis.

Size Price
10ft x 20ft £4200
10ft x 24ft £4200
10ft x 26ft £4350
10ft x 30ft £4400
12ft x 20ft £4400
12ft x 24ft £4400
12ft x 26ft £4550
12ft x 30ft £4700

All prices are subject to VAT